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   Section 01  -  Comparative Politics, Section Chair: Ryan Carlin, rcarlin@gsu.edu, Gregory Love, gjlove@olemiss.edu
   Section 02  -  Critical Perspectives on Higher Education, Section Chair: Susan Sterett
   Section 03  -  Environmental Political Theory, Section Chairs: John Hultgren and Eli Meyerhoff
   Section 04  -  Environmental Politics, Section Chair: Leah C. Stokes, stokes@polsci.ucsb.edu
   Section 05  -  Executive Politics, Section Chair, Jeffrey Cummins, jcummins@csufresno.edu
   Section 06  -  Gender, Race and Intersectionality, Section Chair: Ana Sampaio, asampaio@scu.edu
   Section 07  -  ( Im)migration and Citizenship, Section Chair: Tom Wong, tomkwong@ucsd.edu
   Section 08  -  International Relations, Section Chair: Michael Koch, mtkoch@pols.tamu.edu
   Section 09  -  Interpretation and Method, Section Chair: Samantha Majic, smajic@jjay.cuny.edu
   Section 10  -  Judicial Politics, Legal Politics and Public Law, Section Chair: Rorie Spill Solberg, Rorie.SpillSolberg@oregonstate.edu
   Section 11  -  Legislative Politics, Section Chair: Scott MacKenzie, samackenzie@ucdavis.edu
   Section 12  -  Media and Political Communications, Section Chair: Danielle Joesten Martin, danielle.martin@csus.edu
   Section 13  -  Parties, Interest Groups and Social Movements, Section Chair: Samara Klar, klar@email.arizona.edu
   Section 14  -  Political Theory and Its Applications, Section Chair: Robert S. Taylor, rstaylor@ucdavis.edu
   Section 15  -  Political Theory: Critical and Normative, Section Chair: Heather Pool, poolh@denison.edu
   Section 16  -  Political Thought: Historical Approaches, Section Chair: Nicholas W. Drummond, drummondn@missouri.edu
   Section 17  -  Politics and History, Section Chair: Chloe Thurston, thurston@northwestern.edu
   Section 18  -  Politics, Literature, and Film, Section Chair: Robert Watkins, rwatkins@colum.edu
   Section 19  -  Politics and Sexuality, Section Chair: Jeremiah Garretson, jeremiah.garretson@csueastbay.edu
   Section 20  -  Public Administration, Section Chair: David NIxon, dnixon@hawaii.edu
   Section 21  -  Public Opinion and Political Psychology, Section Chair: Bethany Albertson, balberts@austin.utexas.edu
   Section 22  -  Public Policy, Section Chair: Graeme Boushey, gboushey@uci.edu
   Section 23  -  Race, Ethnicity and Politics, Section Chair: Chris Towler, Chris.Towler@wwu.edu
   Section 24  -  State, Local and Urban Politics, Section Chair: Shauna Reilly, reillys3@nku.edu
   Section 25  -  Teaching, Research, and Professional Development, Section Chair, Roger Rose, rprose@morris.umn.edu
   Section 26  -  Undergraduate Research Posters, Section Chair: Andrew Owen, aowen@mail.ubc.ca
   Section 27  -  Voting and Elections, Section Chair: Loren Collingwood, loren.collingwood@ucr.edu
   Section 28  -  Women and Politics, Section Chair: Jackie Filla, jfilla@msmu.edu
   Section 29  -  Program Chair's Section - Stephen Nicholson, snicholson@ucmerced.edu
   Section 30  -  Conference within a Conference: Political Economy of Development, Section Chairs: Cesi Cruz, cesi.cruz@gmail.com, and Peter Lorentzen, lorentzen@berkeley.edu
   Section 31  -  Mini Conference on Asian Pacific American Politics, Section Chair: Loan Le, lkle@thinkiggi.com
   Section 32  -  Special Meetings and Events - Listed in Order of Day and Time